New Opportunities
New Opportunities
  • Author(s): Michael Dean, Andrew Fairhurst, Monika Galbarczyk, Michael Harris, Olivia Johnston, Amanda Maris, David Mower, Hanna Mrozowska, Patricia Mugglestone, Patricia Reilly, Christina Ruse, Elizabeth Sharman, Anna Sikorzynska, Dominika Szmerdt

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Treat your students to a feast of fascinating topics. Media and advertising, Australian society, cross-cultural communication, Mount Everest, modern-life gadgets, attitudes toward money, solar energy, virtual tourism, dream houses.. the list goes on!

Give them a firm grounding in grammar and skills and equip them with the learning and test-taking strategies they will need in their lives.

Endless opportunities with ActiveTeach - for digital resources and in-class presentation

Your students will…

  • still benefit from the complete Opportunities package, committed to solid grammar, confident use of skills and language success
  • be more comfortable with using NEW vocabulary with the NEW vocabulary language problem solving sections
  • have access to more topics, more vocabulary and more strategies with the NEW shorter modules
  • be fully prepared for any exam with the NEW tasks and strategies provided both in the Students’ Book and the Powerbook
  • be motivated to think more and speak more through the NEW reading and listening texts, packed with NEW information

Teacher Support

  • Keep in total control of assessment with the new Test Master CD-ROM
  • Give your lessons more variety with the NEW DVDs and CD-ROMs
  • Navigate the course easily with the NEW detailed Students’ Book contents pages, with Powerbook references included
  • Find even more support on the NEW website at
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Opportunities Global Beginner Students' Book NE
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