We believe in learning, all kinds of learning…


As a teacher, we want to help you to always be learning…
Have you ever met any of our teacher trainers?
Or taken part in a Pearson workshop or training session?
What about participating in a ‘Teaching Teens Today’ or ‘Tertiary Week’ webinar?
Or listened to, blogged or tweeted our award winning writers and authors?


Almost daily, Pearson ELT provide face-to-face training, workshops and conferences from small, local events to webinars with a global audience. We employ full time teacher trainers as part of our commitment to supporting you in your daily teaching, providing you with new information, skills and ideas, helping you solve practical teaching problems and sharing with you the newest methods and technology available.


To find out more about our webinars, click on here.


And if you need tailor-made training just for your school, we’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide you with the most prestigious, relevant, high-quality input available. Please contact your local Pearson office for more information.


Professional Development International - Dedicated to Professional excellence in teaching

We create and deliver custom made learning resources programs that drive the continuous professional development of teachers around the world. Watch the video to find out more.

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