2018 Pearson ELT Teacher Award Winners

Congratulations to our winners!

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry to the Pearson ELT Teacher Award.

Our judges have had a tough decision to make, as every entry demonstrates the passion and enthusiasm of the English teaching community.

Africa & the Middle East

Ghazal Parsa

An American national teaching in the Middle East

'I teach them English, but they teach me about life, patience, kindness.'

The judges thought Ghazal's understanding of progress - students who use English to adapt to their environment - very forward-thinking.

Asia & Oceania

Noorjahan Sultan


'The idea that my students are waiting eagerly for me to come into the classroom and teach them English language is the best feeling about being an English language educator.'

Our judges loved Noorjahan's recognition of the way students' progress is shown when their English ability crosses into other classes.

Europe & Central Asia

Ksenia Immel

Russian Federation 

'Students who follow YouTube celebrities acquire both linguistic and non-verbal elements.'

The way Ksenia links English teaching with real-life usage impressed the judges.

North & Central America

Angel Gaytan


'Being an English teacher has given me the opportunity to help people communicate with others.'

The judges enjoyed Angel's passion for teaching and his understanding that progress in English means enjoying it outside the classroom. 

South America

Leila Jauch


'The best thing about being a teacher is being a motivator.'

Our judges liked the way that Leila uses her students' ability to travel abroad and become exchange students as a mark of their progress in English.

People's Choice Award

We want to share with you some news about the results of the People Choice Award. As you know, we have received hundreds of amazing submissions and each one of them was a living statement of the passion and commitment of our English teachers. Unfortunately, upon close review of the voting for the People's Choice Award, we found evidence of fraud. While the extent of the fraud is not clear, we decided that the category no longer represented the views of our enthusiastic community of teachers and learners. Therefore, after a lot of soul-searching, we have decided not to award a prize for the People’s Choice category. This was not an easy decision, and we would like to apologise to those of you who worked tirelessly to gather votes from friends, family and colleagues for your wonderful entries. For more information, please contact eltpearson@pearson.com.