Koki Shimazu | Asia & Oceania


There has been a lack of opportunities for Japanese students to speak English. They have no idea what it is like to go abroad and speak English with foreign people. Most of the kids do not want to go abroad because they lack confidence, English ability and information. Therefore, I decided to hold English camps around Japan. I invited students from Harvard, MIT and University College London and asked them to inspire and motivate them to study English for communicative purposes. I mainly teach English using videos I created and global students teach their subject they learn at university.

Before they attend the camp, I provide them with the opportunities to be exposed by the video-authentic English learning environment. They watch the video produced by global students and I added several questions and vocabulary teaching online. They are fully prepared for the camp by taking these lessons in advance. By doing so, they learn English and the subject global students provide simultaneously.


Lots of students now appreciate the meaning of speaking English in the environment where it's required. By providing the opportunities to spend time with global students, Japanese students have expanded their horizon and decided to challenge themselves in foreign countries. They watch videos on a daily basis for the purpose of exposing themselves to authentic English. They appreciate the real meaning of learning English in this increasingly interconnected society.

"Koki organises English camps around Japan to give students the opportunity to practise spoken English. Our judges thought it was an innovative approach to solving a common problem and showed his determination and enthusiasm for teaching English."