Imane Nejjar | Africa & Middle East


A good teaching practice is the teaching which takes into consideration the needs of the learners and tries to overcome the local challenges faced by both teachers and students, for example, how to successfully manage large classes and at the same time try one's best to cater for the individual differences that exist among the students both at the physical and the intellectual levels. My innovation is two-fold.

First, I have been using Kagan structures in order to structure the teaching/learning environment. By using Kagan structures, I've been able to organize my large classes into many small groups and shown my students how to work in teams in a collaborative and fun way.

Second, I have created an e-classroom using "Schoology". I have used this platform for further discussion of topics discussed in class, for providing my students with extra practice of taught lessons, and also for suppmlementing my lessons with more audio, video, PPT materials to enrich my course. 


All in all, the use of Kagan structures and Schoology have helped me a lot to reach every single student in a large class and to create a warm and learner-friendly environment for my students and has made teaching a very enjoyable and successful experience for me. Ms. Imane Nejjar.


Imane used Kagan structures as the academic backbone for an online Schoology course. The judges felt that this was a scalable way to deal with a pervasive problem: excessively large class sizes.