Unlock a world of English with Islands

Islands is a multiple-level course for children learning English as a foreign language in Primary schools.

The level, content and pace make it suitable for use in Primary schools with typically 5 or more lessons of English per week.

Islands offers best practice methodology in the classroom whilst offering teachers and pupils an innovative digital environment.
The Key course features are:

  • High level content - Islands vocabulary and grammar syllabus has been developed in line with external exam topics, specifically aimed at CYL, Trinity and KET for schools.
  • Phonics/Literacy syllabus - Islands offers an integrated phonics programme across the whole series.
  • CLIL and cultural references - Integrated within each unit, this provides links to other school subjects and offers the opportunity to study children's lives and culture in other parts of the world.
  • Enriched digital offer - An Online World, the Active Teach Interactive Whiteboard Software and Digital Activity Book provide opportunities to enrich pupils learning in both school and at home.

British English | 7+ Levels

Authors: Magdalena Custodio, Leone Dyson, Susannah Malpas, Kerry Powell, Oscar Ruiz, Sagrario Salaberri


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