This year, Pearson are delivering a packed four-day schedule at IATEFL, featuring workshops, talks and panel discussions with our authors and academic team.

Join us as we cover topics such as adaptive assessment, measuring progress in the classroom and key skills for employability. We will examine the benefits of teaching English to very young learners and look at using authentic material in the classroom, with the authors of Focus and experts from the BBC. 

Visit our stand to meet our authors, publishers and international sales representatives, and try to spot the winners of the International Pearson ELT Teacher Award!

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What vocabulary at which proficiency level? Practical suggestions for teachers

Time: 15:20 – 15:50 | Room: Argyll 3 

Product: GSE Vocabulary

Speakers: Veronica Beningo & Dianne Schmitt

Learners and teachers have one common goal when it comes to vocabulary in English Language Teaching: knowing which words and phrases are most useful in a variety of communicative situations. This talk presents an innovative project linking word meanings to language proficiency and offers practical suggestions to teach and assess vocabulary more effectively.

Seeking competent English speaker: key skills for employability

Time: 12:00 – 12:30 | Room: Argyll 3

Theme: Job mapping with the GSE

Speakers: Mike Mayor & David Baker

Employers increasingly cite English as a key requirement when recruiting - but the skills required to perform one job in English will differ from another. How can you prepare your students adequately for their chosen role? This presentation shares free resources to help you get them “career ready”.

The Genuine Article (You couldn’t make it up)

Time: 14:35 – 15:05 | Room: Argyll 3

Product: Focus

Speaker: Sue Kay

Authentic classroom texts are in my experience more engaging than texts invented to showcase language, and are more likely to elicit genuine responses from the students. In this workshop I’ll present tips for choosing and adapting authentic texts so they are useful as language input and enable meaningful language practice.

Managing student confidence in mixed-level IELTS classes

Time: 10:20 – 10:50 | Room: Forth  

Product: IELTS Expert


Speakers: Clare Walsh (IELTS Expert Author) and Lindsay Warwick (IELTS Expert Author)


This workshop will explore how differentiated learning in IELTS classes can help to build learner confidence and manage student expectations. We'll examine how to address differentiated goals in a busy classroom, suggest ways to introduce informed self-reflection and discuss techniques for dealing with input levels higher than a student’s language level. We’ll draw on examples from Pearson’s Expert IELTS series.


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Using adaptive algorithms for efficiencies and accuracy in language assessments

Time: 17:20 – 17:50 | Room: Argyll 3

Theme: Adaptive Assessment

Speaker: David Booth


Teachers know the importance of making learning fun. They also know that matching the level and interest of material to individual students’ needs is crucial to their learning. This talk shows how adaptive algorithms increase the efficiency and accuracy of language assessments making them a vital tool for personalising learning.


Can teachers trust the automated scoring of learners' speaking and writing?

Time: 17:55 – 18:25 | Room: Argyll 3

Theme: Automated scoring

Speakers: Paul Seddon and Alistair Van Moere

Technology is increasingly used for language assessment purposes, but not everyone is convinced that it is as accurate as trained, human examiners. This presentation looks at how automated scoring works and shows how artificial intelligence systems evaluate learners’ speaking and writing skills. It will be of interest to teachers, admissions staff and anyone who is interested in automated scoring.


Making Progress visible

Time: 14:35 – 15:05 | Room: Clyde 

Theme: Assessment Literacy

Speaker: Ian Wood

We all believe that making progress is motivating for learners, but making progress visible and evidencing the efficacy of our teaching isn’t so straight forward. This session looks at what our learners try to achieve and how we can measure progress towards their goals; while questioning how realistic our expectations and promises to the learner really are to begin with.

Teaching Young Learners: all just fun and games?

Time: 10:20 – 11:25 | Room: Clyde

Product: GSE Young Learners Learning Objectives

Speakers: Marianne Nikolov (University of Pecs, Hungary),  David Nunan (University of Hong Kong), Antonella Sorace (University of Edinburgh), Ipek Cooley (Bahcesehir Schhols, Turkey), Piotr Steinbrich (Department of English Philology, Poland) 

As the starting age for English language learning around the world is getting younger, it’s time to take stock and ask the questions: Is there any evidence to support the benefits of starting a language as early as possible? And what can you expect the youngest of learners to achieve?

The Reader’s Voice: Keeping up with a changing skill

Time: 15:20 – 16:05 | Room: Clyde

Product: Speakout 2e

Speaker: Steve Oakes 

When you read, what happens in your mind? Is this different when reading in a foreign language? When reading a digital text? In this session we’ll explore how factors that affect reading have changed, and how a reading lesson from a coursebook might best address the evolving needs of our learners as readers.

Everyday innovation: new teaching practice from around the world

Time: 12:00-12:30

Theme: Global ELT Teacher Award

Speakers: TBC

Celebrating digital and innovative English teaching, this session will share a range of examples from teachers around the world. We will showcase selected finalists from our new Global ELT Teacher Award. In this context, we will also look at the challenges and opportunities of digital and being a ‘blended teacher’.

Validating your curriculum using the Global Scale of English

Time: 14:00 – 14:30 | Room: Clyde

Product: GSE

Speakers: Sara Davilla and James Stakenburg (The Rennert Center)

The Rennert Center, a private language school in New York City, used the Global Scale of English to validate their curriculum. How can other institutions use the Rennert model for course improvement? In this session, participants will learn practical information on how to validate their courses and process the results.

Friday 7th April

Language from the real world: authentic video materials in the classroom

Time: 10:20 – 10:50 | Room: Forth

Product: Wider World

Speakers: Phillip Warwick (Pearson ELT) and Andy Blustin (BBC Worldwide)

What is authentic language? Can graded language in course books be authentic? Or is it inevitably artificial? To answer these questions and to show teachers how language in the classroom can be both authentic and accessible, this practical talk showcases Pearson’s new secondary course Wider World, focusing particularly on its wide range of video lessons, including original BBC programmes.

The potential impact of Progress on English instruction in Japan

Time: 11:05 – 11.35 | Room: Argyll 3

Product: Progress

Speakers: Takeshi Kamimura and Sae Matsuda (Setsunan University)

How can we improve the productive skills of students to ensure that they make real progress in their English through a new curriculum? Setsunan University (Osaka, Japan) introduced Progress, an online test by Pearson, to assess six skills, including speaking and writing. This presentation examines the impact that Progress had on both student motivation and teacher attitude.

Meet an Expert

Meet our Authors

Co-authors of some of our most popular courses, including Expert IELTS, Focus and Speakout, will be on stand after their presentations to meet with you face to face and to answer your questions.

Tuesday 4th, 15.15-16.15
Focus with Sue Kay

Wednesday 5th, 11.00-12.00
Expert IELTS with Clare Walsh and Lindsay Warwick

Thursday 6th, 16.20-17.00
Speakout with Steve Oakes

Our own portfolio experts will also be on stand throughout the conference to chat and answer any specific product-related questions.

Meet our Teacher Award winners

Three winners of the ELT Global Teacher Award will be in attendance at IATEFL 2017. Come along to our stand to meet with them and learn more about their innovative teaching practices.

Pearson ELT are proud to be sponsoring IATEFL 2017. Drop by our Internet Café and charging booths in the exhibition hall to stay fully connected.