Pearson Big Science

Explore, learn and discover science through English

  • a 6 level science course for English Language Learners
  • for 6 to 12 year olds
  • 2-4 hours classroom teaching per week


Science is everywhere. From your backyard to a tropical rain forest;
from your pets at home to creatures in the sea; from your bike to a space station.
Let’s explore!

With Big Science kids will learn to see and understand the world in new ways.
They will ask questions, gather information, test ideas, and record their findings.
In no time, your students will be thinking like young scientists!

Pearson Big Science

A communicative, inquiry-based
science course for Primary
English Language Learners.

Pearson Big Science

Uses the 5E teaching sequence encouraging learners to discover new ideas, test what they mean and evaluate
their understanding of concepts.

Pearson Big Science

Combines a rich variety of content
(print, audio, video) with inquiry-based activities, ensuring students
are engaged and motivated.

Pearson Big Science

What is the 5E learning cycle?

Big Science is based on 5E learning cycle.
By bringing together prior knowledge and new ideas,
learners are engaged in discovering connections
before actively learning the facts and evaluating understanding.

  • Engage

    Pique students’
    natural curiosity
    and activate
    prior knowledge
    of the topic.

  • Explore

    Get students
    involved in the topic,
    providing them with
    a chance to build
    their own understanding.

  • Explain

    Involve students
    in the topic,
    providing opportunity
    to build understanding.

  • Evaluate

    Students determine
    what they have
    learned and what
    they understand.

  • Elaborate

    Challenge and extend
    students' understanding
    and skills by engaging
    them in new experiences
    and activities.

Unit walkthrough

Check out how the 5E Learning Cycle is embedded throughout the course.

Pearson Big Science

Inspiring Teachers confidence

Be confident teaching science!
Big Science supports you with:

  • Step-by-step guidance in the Teacher's Book for combining science content with language instruction
  • ELL support modules in the Teacher's Book to help you with key terms, structures and content
  • Modular design of the course allows you to customize the course to the needs of your class
Pearson Big Science
Pearson Big Science

Building Student confidence

Students of Big Science will think deeply about topics, will work in teams, will research concepts
to confirm understanding and will communicate their findings. These scientific practices are also
skills for life that give students the confidence they need to handle the challenges of our changing world.

Pearson Big Science

Critical Thinking
and Problem Solving

Big Science asks Big Question to cultivate
critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Pearson Big Science

and Collaboration

Pair and group activities require students
to collaborate and share their ideas.

Pearson Big Science

and Self-Direction

Self Assessment activities allow students
to evaluate their learning and judge what
they need to review.

Pearson Big Science

Digital Literacy

Digital activities allow students to see and
test scientific concepts in an engaging way.


Student Book

Big Science Student Book is structured around 4 core ideas:

Pearson Big Science


Pearson Big Science


Pearson Big Science


Pearson Big Science

Science Engineering & Technology

Pearson Big Science

9 units presenting specific topic or concept

12 lessons in each unit

5E learning circle cultivates critical thinking skills.

Pearson Big Science
Pearson Big Science

Pearson Big Science

Each unit begins with a Big Question which students work towards answering throughout the unit, learning to apply scientific practices.

Lesson Checks and Got it? self-assessmentsenable students to self-evaluate and take responsibility for their level of learning.

Pearson Big Science

Pearson Big Science
Pearson Big Science

Glossary at the end of each level features all key vocabulary and definitions in one place.

Pearson Big Science

Workbook provides support and practice of language in class or at home.

activities relating to each lesson’s key vocabulary and concepts

a progression through receptive understanding to productive abilities

Pearson Big Science
Pearson Big Science

targeted practice of already known grammar

comprehensive development
of science-related reading
and writing skills

an emphasis on real-world application and students' own experience

Pearson Big Science
Pearson Big Science

personalization of topics to make science more relevant to learners and increase engagement

Teacher's Book
Pearson Big Science

Big Science Teacher’s Book provides a comprehensive overview of each unit.

step-by- step lesson plans to make the most of the course

activities and ideas additional to those in the Student Book and Workbook

Pearson Big Science
Pearson Big Science

Class projects available at the end of each unit, allow for in-depth and fun exploration of the unit topic.

Special support for English Language Learners through background information, suitable activities and skills strategies.

Pearson Big Science Pearson Big Science
Pearson Big Science

Interactive Student Book pages

Interactive Whiteboard tools

Shortcuts for quick
and easy navigation

Extra resources including
quizzes, labs, videos,
flashcards or activity cards




Phonetic Chart

Class Audio CDs
Pearson Big Science

Contain audio versions of reading passages from the Student Book to provide additional language support to students.

One set of Class Audio CDs available per level.

Flash Cards

Perfect tool to present target vocabulary in each unit.

Pearson Big Science

Flashcards are available in print and digital format.

They can be used in games and activities.

Why choose Big Science?


Big Science aligns to Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, building both core language skills and scientific practices.


The 5E methodology is a systematic approach to discovering, exploring, questioning and understanding the world around us.


ELL support in the Teacher's Book, means all teachers can teach science with confidence. Language practice in the Workbook, means Students develop the language skills they need to engage with the science content.


The modular structure of Big
Science allows teachers to choose
which units to teach, based on what
is right for their class.


Students learn essential skills for success in school and future life - critical thinking, collaboration, communication and self-direction.

Try it!

Student's Book


Teacher's Book



Pearson Big Science
Pearson Big Science

Perfect Partners

Big English and Big English Plus

Big Science offers a natural extension to the CLIL content featured in Big English and Big English Plus. Teachers of these courses will feel familiar with the look and feel of Big Science, which is subtly aligned to Big English/ Big English Plus. As with Big English, there is an emphasis on developing not only subject knowledge but skills that have value in the world we live in – critical thinking, the ability to communicate and collaborate in different contexts, and digital awareness.

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Other ELT courses

Big Science complements Big English and Big English Plus, but is also suitable to be combined with any Primary ELT course which requires additional CLIL or Science content.

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Pearson Big Science

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