Pearson English Placement delivers instant, accurate scores for reading, listening, writing, grammar and vocabulary.

Students and teachers can view an overall score from 10 - 90 on the Global Scale of English (GSE) and the Common European Framework (CEFR), as well as Can-Do statements. In addition, you can view a skills profile that shows strengths and weaknesses across all skills. 

Pearson English Placement Test
Can do descriptors

Overall Scores on the Global Scale of English (GSE) and Common European Framework (CEFR)

View the overall score for your students on the Global Scale of English or on the Common European Framework (CEFR).

Easily toggle between GSE and CEFR scores, giving you control over whether you see a wide band of achievement or a specific score from 10 - 90.

Find out more about the Global Scale of English

Can do descriptors

Skills Profile

The skills profile allows you to make an informed decision about how to focus your course.

By seeing students' performance across reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary, you can see which areas need improvement.

With limited time to help students reach their goals in any given course, the skills profile helps you set students on the right path from the start.

Can-Do Descriptors

Check individual Can-Do descriptors from your students' skills profile to see what students can do at a particular level.

Our Can-Do descriptors are taken from the Global Scale of English Learning Objectives a highly-accurate scale that build on the CEFR.

Find out more about the Global Scale of English.

Can do descriptors

Export to XML, Excel or Moodle

Export your scores to XML, Excel or Moodle for easy record keeping, or simply refer to MyEnglishLab if you continue to use it for other courses.

Choice of English Placement Test Scores

How does it work?

Having accurate scores delivered instantly seems too good to be true. We can deliver our results so quickly thanks to:

  • Scoring students' responses while they take the test
  • Rigourously testing our questions in advance of students taking the test
  • Validating our test with over 13,000 volunteers